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July 5th, 2009
01:29 pm


Marvel Divas
I didn't even read the comic itself, but the synopsis of the first issue had me in tears. Something major is happening to one of my favorite characters and it might be enough to get me back in a comic book store for the first time in over a year.

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July 3rd, 2009
02:42 pm



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May 7th, 2009
04:36 pm


Summer Movie Report Card So Far
"X-Men Origins: Wolverine" - I know they're establishing their own continuity in the movies, but I couldn't get past all the liberties they were taking in this one. Plus, I never really cared about Wolverine so much as a standalone character. I was entertained, but overall, it was kind of lame. 6/10

"Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" - Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner would have been a romantic comedy dream team to me, but something about it just felt off, like there was a piece of the puzzle missing. I'm still waiting for a great romantic comedy. This was just like a decent one. 6.5/10

"Star Trek" - HOLY CRAP, I LOVED THIS MOVIE. Seriously. I've always been indifferent to "Star Trek," but everything about this movie was so epic that I couldn't help but find it amazing. And note to Chris Pine - GET IN MY PANTS NOW. 9.5/10

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April 21st, 2009
12:05 am


I'm a prevert


Oh yeah, and it's NSFW.

P.S. I want an iPhone.

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April 15th, 2009
01:52 am


This week's 'Idol' critique

I'm totally not going to fucking lie, I cried like a little girl after this performance. So good. Screw Adam, I'm calling it the best performance of the season so far. 10/10.

I was really feeling Lil tonight too. I've been waiting forever for someone to sing "The Rose" on "Idol," and I loved what she did with it. It seems like everyone's coming down on her for talking back to Simon, but I understand her. She's doing what he told her to do, and now he's tearing her apart for it. My opinion seems to be in the minority though, so she might not last another week. 8/10

Anoop gave another competent performance this week with "Everything I DO (I Do It For You)," but it's just more of the same. He's taken over for Scott as this year's "Adult Contemporary Idol," except that he can sing circles around Scott. This performance might have bought him another week, but he's been in the bottom 3 consistently, so he's got a shot at leaving tomorrow. 8/10

Allison was decent this week, but not up to par with previous performances. I was hoping for her to knock "I Don't Want To Miss a Thing" out of the park, but it was like a 2 base hit, coming close to stealing third. The weird string section in the beginning didn't really help her, and I don't know if it was just the way she was phrasing things or what, but she seemed off-time at the beginning. She killed the final chorus though. I'm still hoping she and Kris can skate past the "favorites" Adam and Danny. That's a finale I want to see. 7/10

Danny's take on "Endless Love" connected with me emotionally somewhat, but I was bored to death by the horrible arrangement. Simon said it was like the standard version, but in my opinion, the harp or whatever at the beginning made it sound even more Soft Rock/Lite FM than the original does. I hated that he totally ignored Quentin Tarantino's advice too. His hand gestures drive me crazy. Sometimes less is more. 7/10

"Born to Be Wild?" Seriously, Adam? I would have given this song choice a pass if he hadn't sung "Play That Funky Music" two weeks ago. What's with these horrid 70s song choices? Anyway, this was so theatrical and over-the-top for me, which are the two things I dislike the most about Adam. Actually, there the 2nd and 3rd things I dislike the most about him. The 1st is the screaming, which he brought back this week to my dismay. 6.5/10

Coming up last we have Matt, who, although I love him dearly and he is one of my favorites (I think I might have had a sex dream about him, but I'm not sure), did not do so well with "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman." The beginning was great, but one he hit the bridge in the middle, he really struggled with it. He's definitely in danger, but I'm hoping that if he is the one to go, the judges will pull out their "save" and use it on him. They only have two more weeks to use it anyway, and what's the point of even having it if they're aren't going to? Am I right? 6/10

Now that that's done, I'm going to re-watch Kris's performance a million more times.

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April 1st, 2009
01:57 am


American Idol Top 9
First of all, what an awesome theme this week, huh? "Every Song in the History of Music That is Available as an MP3 Download" is my new favorite "Idol" theme ever. It'll become my second favorite theme though, once they have the inevitable "Judges Pick the Songs the Contestants Sing" week that all 4 of them are so desperate to have. Anyway, here's my rundown this week, in performance order.

'I know, I know, I know, I know....'Collapse )

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March 26th, 2009
07:06 pm


Idol Top 10
This Wednesday performance show has really thrown me off schedule. I didn’t have a chance to write down my thoughts about it until now. Anyway, here we go, from best to worst….

You'll be surprised who I put at #1...or not....Collapse )

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March 18th, 2009
02:41 am


American Idol Top 12
Since I don't have anything juicy to update with, here's my thoughts on tonight's 'Idol'....Collapse )

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March 11th, 2009
01:58 am


American Idol Top 13
Bold statement time: that was the best "Top 12" show in the history of "American Idol."

I have the stuff that you want, I am the thing that you need...Collapse )

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March 6th, 2009
02:41 pm


My Thoughts on the Top 12, I mean, 13
First off, I'm extremely disappointed that Ricky Braddy did not make it last night. I thought he sounded fantastic doing "Superstition," although he did look like quite the white boy singing it on stage. However, there was one person who looked even more awkward and made it through who I am more upset about, but we'll get to that later. Anyway, here are my thoughts on each of the finalists, in the order that they were chosen.

Alexis Grace - I think she could go very far in this competition. She's potential Top 6. I love her soulful voice. I hope she keeps making interesting song choices.

Michael Sarver - He's got a good voice, and he's got that mass appeal and likability that everyone talks about. I think he's the possible spoiler this year, the one that will finish 2 or 3 weeks better than he should have.

Danny Gokey - Tragic backstory, big voice, insane amount of airtime. He's bound for the finals, unless he screws up terribly.

Alison Iraheta - She's got a big voice for sure, but her youth and inexperience could mean she'll get voted out before her time.

Kris Allen - Cute guy, nice voice, but he doesn't seem as seasoned as the other guys. If he doesn't come out bigger in the Top 13, he could struggle to even reach the Top 10.

Adam Lambert - I know this guy has got a fanbase, but I don't get him at all. A lot of people always talk about past contestants screaming at you while singing and I never got it, but geez, this guy is really screaming at you. I want to cut my ears off when he sings. I don't doubt he's got a shot at the Top 6, but hopefully he'll tone it down a lot so I can enjoy some of his performances.

Lil Rounds - This season's "Diva," I think she's got definite Top 6 potential. I hope she doesn't choose to go the standard Whitney-route that most divas get stuck in. There are plenty of other black female artists that haven't been done to death on "Idol," like Mary J. Blige, Deborah Cox, Keyshia Cole, and so on.

Scott MacIntyre - This season's Taylor Hicks, in my opinion. He's blind, and he can sing, I get it, but I don't think his voice is that great. There were good moments in his "Mandolin Rain" performance, but there were also some really, really, REALLY bad ones. Hopefully he'll choose better songs and improve vocally as well so I won't have to bitch about his disability carrying him through the competition.

Jorge Nunez - Sorry, Jorge fans, but I think he basically cried his way into the Top 12 (13). Sure, his vocals on "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" were pretty good, but his performance was so overwrought and overdramatic that I thought I was watching a Puerto-Rican Clay Aiken, minus the finesse but plus those crazy thick eyebrows. I hope he's one of the first to go.

Jasmine Murray - I wasn't impressed by her "Love Song," but "Reflection" totally blew me away. It might be too little, too late for her though, since it doesn't seem like she has many fans and a lot of people feel there was a more deserving finalist. I hope she can prove people wrong though.

Megan Corkrey - I do not get this girl at all. Someone said it just sounds like she's talking in pitch when she sings, and I totally agree. Plus she's so awkward when she's on stage. Why doesn't the lower half of her body move??? I also thought she was doomed for sure with her last note of "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree," but I was incredibly stunned when the judges praised the heck out of her. I wish her spot would have gone to Ricky Braddy, but now I just wish she'll either precede or follow Jorge in being one of the first to go.

Matt Giraud - "Who's Lovin' You" proved he has a great voice, along with some Taylor Hicks mannerisms to go along with it. I like him a lot though. He definitely looks like a star, or someone who could potentially be a star (he's also the contestant I want to go shopping with the most...thanks Kara). He seems ultra cocky though, which has put a lot of people off, so I hope he can show some humility along with stellar vocals.

Anoop Desai - I love the tone of his voice, and he's very likable as well. He just looks like a guy who came off the street and started singing though, so I hope the AI stylists will start making him look like a star. He's got a big fanbase, and I could see him potentially cracking the Top 6 as well.

I don't want to make any predictions yet, but I think this could be a great season as long as they don't have crappy-ass themes like last year. Here's to hoping.

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